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The International Golden Eagle Festival

Updated: May 2

Explore the Majestic Golden Eagle Festival with PCO

Welcome to a spectacular journey through Mongolia with PCO, where you can experience the thrill of the Golden Eagle Festival, an enchanting celebration of ancient traditions and cultural heritage. Held annually in the breathtaking Altai Mountains, this festival is not just an event but a profound immersion into the nomadic lifestyle of the Kazakhs of Western Mongolia.

The Festival Experience

The International Golden Eagle Festival, set against the majestic backdrop of early October’s crisp air, showcases the ancient art of eagle hunting. This tradition, proudly preserved by the Kazakh people, features eagle hunters clad in vibrant traditional attire, displaying their profound bond with their birds. Witness contests of agility, precision, and speed that highlight the symbiosis between man and eagle. Beyond the competitions, the festival is alive with traditional music, dance, and a colorful bazaar filled with local crafts.

Cultural Immersion and Adventure

Your adventure begins the moment we greet you at Ulaanbaatar airport, guiding you through the capital’s rich tapestry of museums and markets before venturing into the rugged landscapes of Western Mongolia. Traveling by SUV and on horseback alongside local eagle hunters, you’ll explore remote terrains, hunting for small game and experiencing life in a traditional ger (yurt).

Authentic Mongolian Cuisine

Indulge in the robust flavors of Mongolian cuisine, where dishes like mutton, beef, buuz (dumplings), and khuushuur (savory pastries) take center stage. Enjoy the unique taste of airag (fermented mare’s milk), a traditional beverage that complements the local fare. For those with dietary restrictions, rest assured, we cater to all needs ensuring every meal enhances your experience.

Your Safety and Comfort

Safety is paramount at PCO. Mongolia, known for its welcoming and safe environment, is ideal for exploring with peace of mind. Our knowledgeable local guides ensure a secure and enriching travel experience, with full support from arrival to departure.

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