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Primero Conservation Outfitters is working with Kerim Tours to provide Mongolian travel experiences for any type of traveler. We can provide complete trips for the Eagle Festival, western Mongolia, fishing, camping, trekking, cultural tours, and birding/wildlife tours with a biologist.

Mongolia Tours: Tour Packages


Western Mongolia is the real deal—endless vistas, free-flowing rivers, snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, traditional living. Itineraries are customizable depending on your needs and interests. Visit eagle hunters, spend a day fishing, camp in flower-laden valleys, sleep in traditional gers (yurts), horseback ride through wilderness, adventure into Altai Tavan Bogd National Park in Land Cruisers. Price ranges vary depending on activity, so please reach out.

Example Itinerary:

Day 1. Arrival at Ulan Bator and visit of the city

Day 2. Flight to Olgii and Western Mongolia

Day 3. Altai Tavan Bogd Park

Day 4. Ride in the Sirgaal area

Day 5. Discovery of the Lakes Khurgan and Khoton

Day 6. Trekking around the Tsagaan river

Day 7. Trekking to the Turgen waterfall

Day 8. Olgii, the Kazakh capital

Day 9. Return flight to UlaanBaatar

Day 10. Discovering wild horses at Khustai National Park

Day 11. Back to the Mongolian capital


Explore Mongolia's famous Eagle Festival in Olgii the first week of October. Additional side trips and excursions are easily planned.


Included in the Price

• All meals during the trip

• All accommodations during the program

• Transport with car including gasoline

• Local guide

• Cook

• Permits and fees for the national park

• Visa support


• International flights

• Visa

• Travel insurance

• Charges for excess baggage

• Airport taxes

• Individual equipment

• Drinks and extra charges in hotels and inns

• All alcoholic drinks

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