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We offer semi-guided hunts for Coues whitetail deer in Sonora, free range New Mexico Oryx (gemsbok), and New Mexico desert mule deer.

Hunting has historically funded wildlife conservation and management in the US. We try to expand this model to Sonora, Mexico for carnivore conservation by partnering with our sister non-profit Primero Conservation for ongoing conservation efforts in Sonoran, Mexico. All funds from the Coues deer hunt go into a conservation fund for Sonora, Mexico as well as percentages from our other hunt sales.

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New Mexico offers a special opportunity to hunt this African antelope here in the United States. Gemsbok were introduced on the White Sands Missile Range in the 1960s. This species, so well adapted to the harsh desert, has since expanded its range beyond White Sands and is hunted here as a free range, non-draw hunt

We offer 6-day archery-only hunts, giving you one of the few opportunities to hunt oryx with a bow on a property that is not high fenced. You may use your rifle on the 6th day if unsuccessful with a bow the first 5 days.

All food and lodging is included for the 6 days in a comfortable house with beds and hot water.



Six-day archery private land hunt for desert mule deer.
Join us for a limited archery mule deer hunt on a 350,000 acre ranch with low mule deer hunting pressure. Lodging and food included. This semi-guided hunt allows the hunter to be oriented to the ranch and advised, but hunt independently at water holes or spot and stalk.

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The Sierra Madre of Sonora, Mexico will be one of the most rugged and remote places you will ever hunt. These mountains hold secrets of Apache holdouts, buried gold, and elusive jaguars that still roam here. Funds raised from this hunt go directly to support jaguar and wildlife conservation on the ranches you will visit. Hunters funding conservation.

We are currently booking semi-guided 5 1/2 day hunts (not including travel) for the third week of January. Hunters must bring their own vehicles and equipment. The remoteness and ruggedness of the ranches we hunt require 1 1/2 days travel to get to. All food and lodging is included in the price once we arrive on the ranch. 

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